Add value to your property without spending a fortune

Bold assertion in the title?

Yes we’re like that at Starkey&Brown, always keen to help property sellers, buyers and landlords in both Scunthorpe and Lincoln.

We might even show you how to make money and add value.


Read on.

All the rage, at the moment, is “decluttering” – not extending, but making the most of your space without spending.


Here are 5 practical steps you can take to declutter and add value:

  1. Start small. Look first at the smallest space in your home and tackle that first. Why? Because it will be the easiest to do and that glow of sorting one room out first will hopefully motivate you to do more when you see the difference a declutter will make.
  2. Shrink your furniture. Not with a wand but with an eye on creating space. That dining table that seats 6 may no longer be used for holding six at meal times. Could it be sold and a smaller replacement bought? Same with bookcases and cabinets – you can increase floor space by fitting floating shelves and wall mounted storage.
  3. Donate or Dump. Be ruthless with clutter: ask yourself when did you last use this and will you use it again ever? Divide into two piles – one for disposing of, the other for donating. A third pile may be added between the two – for “upselling” via Gumtree, social media pages or eBay – even making you some money on your clearing mission.
  4. Go on, look objectively at those cupboards, those worktops and be honest about those pots and pans fighting each other for space. If you can’t face getting rid, consider shelves and ceiling racks to hang pots and pans from. Even free-standing pot racks. It will free space in fitted units and give your kitchen a retro chic feel.
  5. Your downstairs reception rooms may have nooks and crannies bursting with paper – do you really need those utility bills and credit card statements from 2007? Yes, some paperwork has value but, again, divide and conquer. A cheap shredder will make light work of old, sensitive documents which you can then recycle. Those documents you want to keep – exam certificates, birth certificates, insurance policies and the like – can be stored in neat box files, labelled and moved to under-bed storage containers.

Your home, your living spaces, are now partially decluttered, leaving you more space, a better place to cook and relax, and potentially adding value.

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