Be prepared as we head into Autumn

BY now you’ll have noticed the chill in the air, the condensation sitting on the cars in the morning, and the crisp sounding of footsteps as you walk through falling leaves – a true sign that autumn has arrived.

While we are still enjoying the odd mild day our thoughts need to turn to getting our home organised for the colder weather.

Inspecting your boiler might be the last thing on your mind at the moment, however it’s far better to deal with any potential issues in advance, rather than being caught out when the temperature really starts to drop.

To give your boiler the best possible wake-up call get a Gas Safe registered plumber to fully service it. During servicing, your plumber will look for carbon monoxide leaks, signs of which include soot around your boiler and yellow or orange flames instead of blue coming from gas appliances.

Carbon monoxide doesn’t just come from boilers, so getting all gas appliances and heating systems serviced too will ensure you are putting yourself, and your family members, first by protecting them against this silent killer.

As well as getting the most efficiency out of your boiler, ensure all your radiators are working properly as long periods of inactivity could cause them to rust or block. A simple draining down of them will get them back into top condition again.

We’ve all heard about how much heat is lost through the roof in uninsulated homes, but just as much could be lost if your loft insulation is in bad condition. It’s wise to get the professionals in to assess and replace if needed.

Another way to keep your heat on the inside of your walls is by investing in cavity wall insulation. Dependent on the age of your property these can be done either internally or externally.

But it’s not just through the walls and roof where you lose heat. Warmth lost through damaged windows or gaps in doors forces us to rely more heavily on our heating, which in turn causes us to burn more energy and therefore waste money through raised bills.

For gaps in doors, especially integral garages where doors lead into the house, make sure they are fully draught-proofed. As well as keeping your heating inside you will also get rid of that annoying whistling noise on a windy day.

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