I’m thinking of moving, what do I need to consider?

Mortgage Advice

Arrange an appointment with our advisor.

They can help recommend what kind of property you can afford, what kind of deposit you will require, and what the monthly repayments are likely to be.


Register on our Mailing List

Once you have had mortgage advice and confident of your affordability, we can start helping you search for that perfect property!

Our staff will discuss your property requirements to include location, number of bedrooms, parking, garden size etc, and guide you through our selection of properties to see which might be most suitable.

If your dream property cannot be found yet, we will keep you up to speed with any properties that come onto the market, by email or by telephone…the choice is yours.


Arrange to view some Properties

Once you have narrowed down which properties may be of interest, we are more than happy to arrange for you to see these properties, at your most convenient time.


Make an offer

You’ve seen it. The perfect property. Your dream home.

Now is the time to make an offer.

A simple phone call or visit to our office will suffice, and we will be able to usually find out that same day whether or not your offer is acceptable. If your offer isn’t acceptable, we will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know what kind of offer our vendor would be willing to accept.


Mortgage Application & Choosing a Solicitor

As soon as your offer has been accepted you will need to choose a solicitor, who will carry out all the legal work involved with purchasing the property for you.

Additionally, our mortgage adviser will guide you through applying for the mortgage, and all the associated insurances available to protect you and your new home.



As part of your mortgage application, the lender will usually carry out a survey of the property you are buying to ensure that it is satisfactory order, and to confirm that the price you have agreed to pay is in line with the current market value.


Exchange of Contracts

Once you have received your mortgage offer, and your survey has been carried out, and your solicitor has carried out all of their legal work, you are ready to sign your contract!

Once this is signed your solicitor will liaise with the seller’s solicitor to confirm a ‘moving in’ date and swap, or exchange contracts.

If there are any aspects of buying that you are unsure of then please let us know – please call 01522 845 845 for any advice.

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