Price advice days

Many potential sellers are worried about contacting an agent as they may not have made a firm decision to move yet, but of course really want to know what their house is worth before committing to the process.

At Starkey&Brown we offer very much a no pressure no obligation appraisal and understand that the very start of the process is the value of their home.

We don’t expect customers to make snap and flippant decisions about moving, and are happy to offer professional unpressured advice right at the beginning.

Whilst we are happy to offer free, no obligation appraisals at any time, we conduct our price advice days regularly in order to offer our customers, who may be worried about contacting agents, a more informal appraisal which is still aimed at giving them the vital information they need to be able to make a decision about moving.

Look out for a leaflet through your door throughout the year if this could be something that could suit your situation, or contact the office to see when we are in your area.

Our free appraisals are no obligation and we are happy to offer any kind of advice to suit your situation.

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