Protect the outside of your property during winter

IT’S not only the inside of your home you need to prepare for the gruelling winter months, outside also needs a little TLC. If you’ve not already done the important jobs, get on to them straight away to avoid costly repairs.

Insulate pipes: To prevent outdoor water pipes from freezing or bursting they should be wrapped with insulating material. Check with your local hardware supplier for the product that best suits your needs.

Clear guttering: Make sure your guttering and downpipes are completely clear of any debris as once the snow and ice sets in everything in your gutters will freeze, causing overflowing water which could damage your walls.

Chimney check: Your chimney and flue should be inspected annually and cleaned, if necessary, by a professional
chimney sweeper. Every year fires are started by blocked chimneys and flues which can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning, and most of these were preventable.

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