The power of floor plans

WHEN you think you have found your perfect property on the Internet that matches all your needs, all you need now is a plan of the property. So you hit the Floor Plans tab… and nothing.

When floor plans haven’t been provided by the agent the property is on the market with, there’s nothing more frustrating.

Having this service added to your marketing is absolutely essential as, according to research, 37% of buyers are less likely to enquire about a property if there is no floor plan provided.

This means potentially there could be multiple home-seekers clicking off your property once this has been realised.

At Starkey&Brown, we recognise the importance of floor plans and it’s because of this we include not only 2D, but also 3D plans as part of your essential marketing package. These plans are also shown on all propety portals that your home is advertised on.

By providing floor plans, you are giving potential buyers a complete in-depth look around your property as they show where doors and windows are placed, provide the room sizes and give a much clearer view of the overall layout.

This will help potential buyers make that all important decision on whether your property is right for them or not. It also helps them make plans if they decide to buy.

Make sure you have a floor plan on your brochure, and preferably available as a separate download on the online property portals – your buyer will thank you for it.


  • It helps a buyer see how the house ‘works’, and therefore whether it is worth a viewing. Room flow, relative sizes and layout are all factors that a buyer will take into consideration, especially family buyers, and they won’t want to waste time by viewing properties which just aren’t suitable for their needs.
  • A floor plan can help a buyer to visualise the property after the viewing has taken place. This can become useful when they may be considering making layout changes, perhaps knocking down a wall or installing an en suite. A floor plan is vital for this kind of thought processing.
  • It’s very easy when you’ve viewed a house to forget what you’ve seen, or overlook a part of the house altogether. This is especially true of box rooms, or areas that aren’t being fully utilised. By showing the house in its entirety no area will be omitted and it can even add perceived value.
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