Top Ten Tips for Selling Your Home

FOR most, a house move is an exciting time, whether you’re moving to bigger or better property or down-sizing once the children have flown the nest.  From that first phone call to the estate agent requesting a valuation right up to the point where the keys are handed over, a plan of action needs to be put in place.
  • INSTRUCT AN AGENT: But beware, there are many agents who will give you an overpriced figure just to get your instruction. Always ensure your chosen agent gives free valuations, markets your property effectively, has an experienced sales team, a viewings specialist and that all important sales progressor. And remember, the cheapest is never the best.
  • VIEWINGS: If you are unsure of conducting your own viewings ensure that your agent has a viewings specialist who can do these for you. 
  • DECORATE: A lick of paint works wonders in any room. There’s nothing like fresh paint to brighten up your home and give it that ‘new’ feeling. Leave it to  the experts if you’re not a dab hand with a brush!
  • GO NEUTRAL: Try and avoid stamping your personal style over the property before you sell it. Instead, keep as much of the decor neutral to allow potential buyers to see the rooms as a blank canvas.
  • GARDENS: For some the garden is a haven of relaxation, so make sure yours is looking as weed-free as possible. You don’t have to be an expert, and a few pot plants here and there will brighten up any area.
  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS: These really do count, so get any weeds out of driveways, gardens and lawns and have a general tidy up. Inside make sure you put any unnecessary items out of sight. A viewer can’t see the property’s potential if it is masked by clutter.
  • REVAMP YOUR KITCHEN: The kitchen is often cited as the heart of the home, so however modern your kitchen is, a good sprucing up and a clearing of clutter will give an illusion of space and cleanliness.
  • AROMAS: Nothing beats the smell of freshness – apart from coffee or fresh bread. But don’t rush out to buy a percolator or bread maker, just pop a few fresh flowers in a vase.
  • BRIGHTEN UP: No one likes to walk into a dark, drab room. If you can, replace dark curtains which swallow light up, and ensure that your lightbulbs are shining bright.
  • BE PREPARED: Viewers may throw silly offers at you. Whatever figure you are given, discuss it well with your agent as they`re the professionals who you are paying to negotiate the best possible price for you.
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